Perfect for project development to move forward more smoothly, especially when working remotely and/or with different teams. Slack improves time management, file sharing and keeping everyone in the loop. Communication will no longer be an issue!



Created for designers, InVision is an app that allows your team to share projects, mood boards and create prototypes adding gestures, transitions and animation features. It also helps you keep track on your workload and enables users to give direct feedback on designs.


Google Keep

This note-taking app allows you to set reminders in many different formats: text, images, videos, audio, etc... Text from images can be extracted using optical character recognition, and voice recordings can be transcribed. You can also collaborate with other users!



Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into cards and boards. In one glance, you can see what's being worked on, who's working on it, and which members and files are associated with each task.



Asana is an easy way for companies to track the work of employees and to get the best possible results. Using the platform, you can create to-do lists for ongoing projects, set reminders for upcoming deadlines and send requests to colleagues.