As opposed to interior designers, that need a formal qualification or a state license, decorators can take advantage of their creativity by working for private clients, like homes, yachts, shops and so on.

Virtually any space can be embellished through furnishing, building materials, colours and fabrics. Decorators must have a sense of proportions, the ability to communicate through graphic presentation and be flexible enough to keep updated with the latest trends in fashion and society. It is also useful to learn the basics of space planning and maybe specialised software.

Marketing this service is basically like promoting any other local service business: by word of mouth, by networking, by gaining recognition through accomplished works.


Food Truck

This is a hot trend in the business, with a considerably lower cost compared to traditional restaurants and the opportunity to drive around where potential customers may be.

One important novelty about this business idea is that marketing can be done practically for free, by taking advantage of social media, without even having to build a website. You can inform your clients on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more channels, and let them know where you will be tomorrow, what food you will bring to them and your deal meals of the day.

Instead of ice-cream or sausages, your cooking flair can be expressed by offering healty alternatives, ethnic street food,  wooden fired pizza etc. Imagination is the limit.


Social Media Strategist

Although this quite recent profession can be carried out as company staff as well, becoming a social media strategist can represent a good self-employment option.

Web specialist that have turned their attention to social networks should be able to devise correct strategies to achieve marketing targets, cooperate with writers and designers, manage and create quality content, mediate between clients and companies, understand SEO practices and analyse reports and ROI.

Although no formal education is required, skills and competences should include versatility and a deep knowledge of Internet and Marketing.


App Developer

It is true that software developers are always in demand, but developers of mobile applications have become the first choice for expanding companies.

The knowledge needed in this job obviously regards a great deal of programming languages, such as PHP, Ruby, C++, C#, SQL, Java, Javascript or iOS. In addition, it is recommended to be familiar with software development process and lifecycle, and with development methodology.

One essential skill for mobile app developers is a deep understanding of development platforms.


Home Beautician

Another profession that can be performed at a minor cost than traditional beauty shops. All you need is your competence as a licensed beautician and professional equipment.

Offering treatments at home means that your customers can choose the preferred date and place, and they don’t even need to bother giving cash or tips. In fact, you can set up online payments, so that everything is automated. In this way, they can pre-select the desired treatment in advance and save time.

Another advantage of a home beautician is that the service can be marketed online and and customers have the possibility to review it.


Personal Chef

If you have a knack for cooking delicious food and you wish to let people taste your preparations, becoming a private chef is a good alternative to ordinary restaurant service.

This option is ideal for those who feel talented but lack of resources to open their own venue. Plus, the investment is quite limited and you get the pleasure to connect with people on a more intimate level. You can choose to be the personal chef of a single household, or to offer your services to various clients throughout the year.

The job grants creative opportunities and room for experimenting, and a rewarding gratification when you can see your gratified clients smiling around the table.


Affiliate Marketing Strategist

It regards a partnership between a publisher (affiliate) and a vendor or advertiser. It is based on a revenue sharing model and can also be performed as company staff.

If you have your own website(s), however, you can make a profit by working independently. The more conversions you obtain, the higher your revenue will be. This role requires some marketing knowledge and understanding of web advertising. Researching and monitoring abilities are also very useful, because you will have to deal with a database and be able to analyse performances.

Being based on commissions, remuneration from affiliate marketing is highly variable, and earnings depend on your ability and on the time you invest in this profession.   


Hemp Grower

A new business idea which is becoming more and more popular, as even governments start to realise the economic and ecological importance of this plant.

Hemp may have many practical uses, such as cosmetics (its moisturising oil is good for treating skin conditions), food (rich in unsaturated and essential fatty acids), paper (much more environment-friendly in terms of resources), plastic (biodegradable and reliable), textiles (famous designers make use of hemp in their creations) and even building material (a growing market).

Growing hemp requires no herbicides, because the plant is very strong and grows almost anywhere, needs no special harvesting machinery and it only takes 4 months for an hectare.


Vape Store

This is a good opportunity to grab nowadays, due to the increasing awareness of how smoking can affect health, and considering how many people are willing to break the chains of addiction to tobacco.

Coming from China and now spread worldwide, vaping is regarded as the best alternative to traditional tobacco smoking, and with undeniable benefits. Setting up this kind of shop is not too expensive, if you keep costs under control. Choosing the best products and being able to offer them at a competitive price is the key to success.

Marketing your own store, preferably located in a good, central area is also an important factor to start your e-cigarette business. Be also aware of local regulations.


Craft Brewery

The definition of craft brewery refers to independent, relatively small companies that use traditional brewing methods, as opposed to commercial ones, and emphasise quality and flavour.

Of course you must be a fan of beer, because you will need to follow your product from the preliminary stage of choosing the right grains, yeasts and hops, to the development of the brewing process. Typically, you will require the aid of an expert brewmaster, unless you are one yourself.

Good managerial skills are also needed to open a microbrewery, as there are several departments to look after: from production to distribution, from accounting to marketing.