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Truck Food


Socials Strategist


App Developer


Home Beautician


Personal Chef


Affiliate Strategist


Hemp Grower


Vape Store


Craft Brewery

Online Betting Business

Sport is passion, and the success of online betting derives from the fact that millions of supporters around the world love to watch their favourite athletes, live or on TV, but also to have the chance of winning some money. Fans are informed about statistics, they follow championships and teams, so they like to make predictions about the outcome of games.

Normally bettors are divided in 2 categories: the ones who haunt betting shops and the ones who bet online. In general, the first are less used to benefit from technology, the latter instead are more interested in taking advantage of the great potentiality of the Internet.

Fiat and Crypto Currencies

Among the ones who prefer to place their bets on i-Gaming websites, there is a growing minority that has started using cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the first and most popular form of digital money, and since its creation in 2009 it has rapidly accrued its value on the exchange market. Bitcoins offer some advantages that are a complete novelty in the industry of online betting:

  1. Signing up with a bitcoin betting website is super easy, because no personal identification information is needed. In order to register anonymously, it is sufficient to provide an email address and a username of choice. You can save up time and you don’t have to bother about retrieving ID or passport number.
  1. Deposits and withdrawals are fast, almost instantaneous and you don’t need to wait for payments to be authorised by some bank or financial authorities. The blockchain that processes transactions is a peer-to-peer system, and even commissions are almost equal to zero. Plus, it is possible to process quick payments from one continent to the other, with no delay.

After highlighting the benefits of Internet crypto betting s that accept cryptocurrency, it is also fair to underline the fact that not all bettors are keen on investing in bitcoins, for some reason. Some people do not want to open an e-Wallet, which is necessary to trade in bitcoins, or they just prefer to stick to fiat currencies and see their account credited with dollars or eur. In this case, it is preferable to choose online gambling operators that accept both euro and bitcoin, like for instance.

The modernity of bitcoin sportsbooks

Bitcoin betting websites are packed with bonus offers, because not being legal tender issued by governments or central banks, cryptocurrencies are non-taxable and online sportsbooks can offer higher percentages to their users. For example, the bonus for sports bets can be as big as 200% of your initial deposit. And it isn’t all: most companies will also give out a reload bonus, a cashback bonus and rich promotions to their clients.